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Intelligence and Counterintelligence private and industrial services.

We offer speciallized inteligence services in corporative brand and IPR protection, legal support to deal with law enforcement procedures, risk mitigation of vulnerabilities including media crisis management and also political and security maps analysis for companies.

Corporative Protection
Corporative Protection.
Property Rights
Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Protection.
Prevention Programs
Vulnerability and Risk Prevention Programs.
Media Crisis Management
Media Crisis Management. Political Analysis .
Security News Monitoring
Security Maps Analysis and Dayly Security News Monitoring services.
Link analysis speciallized software
Link analysis speciallized software.
Intelligence and counterintelligence services
Intelligence and counterintelligence services.
Due Dilligence Investigations
Due Dilligence Investigations.
Security Alerts

The development of Industrial Private Intelligence that is offered is centered in the gathering of existing information and data mapping of additional information provided by the client. Among all, we work in the systematization of key information that allows us to make an initial diagnosis or a preliminary outline of the probable risk agenda. The aforementioned analysis is made in order to decipher the DNA of the identified adversary’s structure or the definition of the political actors in the short or medium term.

By formulizing an intelligence plan that is constantly monitored and evaluated by the client, we constantly search for the full identification of the leadership and organizational structure of the illegal market or the main target in trade and/or politics. The intelligence plan is then executed in order to neutralize the threat.

We focus our attention on our client’s particular problem by utilizing a map of risks and vulnerabilities; creating an analysis of criminal history and using relational links software technology to generate patterns (MO) of operation of the criminal networks and/or internal fraudulent activities that might be adversely affecting our client. Therefore, with the client’s prior approval, we offer preventive measures and/or the identification of the target in support of enforcement actions against criminals.

It is worth mentioning that besides providing security and protection to Industrial projects, CONSERMEX has successfully executed programs designed to combat against piracy and counterintelligence actions against disloyal activities inside industries, organizations and/or enterprises. We have developed preventative measures to mitigate risk and minimize our client’s vulnerability in order for them to avoid adversarial situations and/or high-risk situations where they may find themselves to be the targets or victims of nefarious third parties.